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"Miles is Chicago's best kept of the leading lights of contemporary instrumental music." 
- Midwest Record



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10 LIVE VIDEO CLIPS with some of the world's greatest musicians--Darol Anger on violin, Corky Siegel on harmonica, Erkan Ogur of Turkey and many more. 



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To Play on the Banjo 
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Season 1, Episode 1

This has been years in the making.  I have revelations and discoveries in the middle of the night, in that half-sleeping and half-meandering mind set.  At such times, I have solved riddles,written songs, dreamed and schemed more than a few adventures.  One such a moment a few years back and the term "existential banjo" flashed across my radar.  "Hmmmm," I thought, "what does that mean?"

Being fully present in the 21st century, I did not try to answer that question right away, but instead did a "whois" search to discover the answer I hoped for, and $12 later was mine.   

Having watched Justified and the Sopranos and Downton Abbey, I came to appreciate the notion of episodes to a story, framed by the familiar branding introduction that signaled it was time to sit back and enjoy what I know I already liked.  

My friend and professional videographer Garry Grasinski created a few opening montage scenes, each one is approximated 8 seconds long.  Episode 1 here was graciously and brilliantly filmed and edited by Aaron Wickenden who was nominated for an Academy Award for his film, Saving Vivian Maier.

There will be a new episode each Tuesday morning for the next three months.   Each one features a different artist with whom I have collaborated.  Please enjoy the ride and share with your friends.

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