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"Miles is Chicago's best kept of the leading lights of contemporary instrumental music." 
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10 LIVE VIDEO CLIPS with some of the world's greatest musicians--Darol Anger on violin, Corky Siegel on harmonica, Erkan Ogur of Turkey and many more. 



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   “You all are the real diplomats, who meet with people from other countries, communicate through your music, and break down barriers. Sorry that events of the day made it harder for you.” 

    - Lawrence C. Mandel, Deputy Chief of MIssion,

      U.S. Embassy, Ankara, Turkey


 The Miles Trio includes David Jennings on vibes and drumset, and Geraldo de Oliveira on percussion along with my banjo/guitar/vocals.  Sponsored by the Old Town School of Folk Music, we set off for Turkey in October for a two-week residency of workshops and concerts at ITU MIAM, Center for Advanced Music Studies in Istanbul.   


We were scheduled to do a few concerts with Erkan Ogur, a true superstar musician from Istanbul who is gifted in the traditional music of the region and contemporary jazz.  


On the 5th day of our time in Istanbul, Turkey experienced the most violent terrorist attack in its modern history with a series of bombs exploding in Ankara where over 100 people died.  We were a safe 250 miles from there, but that changed everything.  


That collaboration did take place as well as a whole lot more.  A story with complete details is on my blog page. Click here for that.  


Below are a few images of this exquisite city and a video of these brilliant Iranian musicians, who are now our friends.    


 This is the Galata Tower, built in 1434.  



This is Erkan Ogur with his double necked guitar.  Notice that one of the necks is fretless.  


Miles Trio:  Michael, David Jennings & Geraldo de Oliveira


In this video Sharhad Sidfar plays his 8 string saz, explains how microtonal maqams work, and allows me to join him in a duet with banjo and saz.   

This is a key signature from Turkish music, notice two flats and two altered flats indicating microtonal adjustments.  


The fretless oud is the forerunner to the guitar. 


My Nechville custom Whyte Ladye 1925 banjo, disassembled in the hotel room so it can fit in my suitcase.