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Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 2019 personal letter of congratulations to Michael.  Click here!

"Miles is Chicago's best kept of the leading lights of contemporary instrumental music." 
- Midwest Record



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10 LIVE VIDEO CLIPS with some of the world's greatest musicians--Darol Anger on violin, Corky Siegel on harmonica, Erkan Ogur of Turkey and many more. 



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Fingerstyle guitar with Darol Anger on violin 


Two New Hal Leonard books



To Play on the Banjo 
(co-written with Greg Cahill)


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Panorama* ran every month for 10 months at the Hideout this year featuring narration by Rick Kogan and music by my ensemble of musicians that regularly featured Lloyd Brodax King on flute and Johnse Holt on guitar, but across the year also included Nora Barton on cello, Jimmy Keane on accordion, Greg Cahill on banjo, David Jennings on drums and vibes, Corky Siegel on harmonica, Glenda Zahra Baker, Shanta Nurulah. Tsehaye Hebert, Allie Stephens, John Abbey, Kathy Cowan and her Irish choir.  There was a tribute to Studs Terkel that included Tony Fitzpatrick.  The final night was Diwali featuring members of Funkadesi--Rahul Sharma and Maninder Singh--in our own festival of light.  Below are some of the posters.  My heartfelt thanks to Rick Kogan for his undying passion to art and the spoken word.  

*"Panorama" took its name from the arts section of the Chicago Daily News, started by Herman Kogan, Rick's father.


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